We came to Weipa to stock up, get some parts and hopefully repair my shock.

After some inquiries, it seems we would be waiting around here for quite some time to get parts sent up so I decided to try to make it to Cairns. I figure I have managed the telegraph track so I should be able to get by, pending nothing gets too much worse.

We did a little maintenance today and Raman discovered a tube from his airbox was missing a bung which was allowing sand and dust to be sucked into his engine!

Sand inside Raman's airbox

Sand inside Raman’s airbox


Another engine rebuild in the making?



KLR air filter showing big improvement

KLR air filter showing big improvement (363km, Vrilia to Weipa via OTT)

I have been very impressed with the modifications to my air intake location that have allowed for a much more reasonable service interval. Interestingly though, the post filter that I made and installed inside the main filter has consistently been showing that dust gets though the main filter without showing any sign of dust on the inside of the main filter. I believe this is due to the dust up here have a fraction that is super fine.


For comparison purposes, the image below was from before the reducting of the air intake showing a huge amount of dust after only 40km while the above is much cleaner after 363km.

40km from Cobbold to Forsyth

40km from Cobbold to Forsyth

Unfortunately it is a weekend and Monday is a public holiday so the parcel of parts that I ordered way back in Rockhampton that is here in the Weipa post office will stay there for the time being. I’ll have to get it redirected as we are heading for Lockhart River via the Frenchman’s line track tomorrow.


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  1. David Holmgren October 14, 2013 at 6:02 pm #

    Great to see the different air filter performance as a result of your modifications.

    • Oliver Holmgren October 15, 2013 at 9:09 am #

      It has made it workable for me. Twice a day was a real problem! They would get so clogged the bike wouldn’t run properly and then I would be fiddling with filters and getting sticky hands while sweating my ass off in the mid day sun. The modifications look ugly but boy am I grateful they work.

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